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Get to Know the Collectability of the Saab 900

There are many cars which have lived on well past their time of being produced by their manufacturer. Among the cars which you might know for this is the Saab 900. This is a car which was produced in a few different styles between the years of 1978 – 1998. It went through two major incarnations as the “classic” version (1978 – 1993) and as the “new generation” version (1994 – 1998). Not only were these kinds of cars produced well. They have become a collector’s item in many different respects.

Collectible Models

When collecting the Saab 900, it is important to remember that there are certain models which are more valuable than others. While most people will gravitate towards the Turbo and convertible models, there is something to be said about the standard editions which still have all of the original parts.
Part of what makes these cars so collectible is the unique design. Manufactured with the style of an airplane, the Saab 900 provides many of the qualities which keep a plane in the air for years. Among the most collectible of these models comes from the “classic” models which include not only the convertible models, but also the models which include certain colors. The most popular color remains the red colors which include the turbocharged 16-valve manual transmission cars. Getting to know all of the different color variations will help you to be able to know which of the styles are the most collectible.

What to Look For

If you are thinking about being a collector of the Saab 900, it is a good idea to look for all of the special models which are available. The more limited edition the model was, the more collectible it will be now and in the future. Models like those made for dealers or for companies are extremely rare and are treasured when found. Among the rarest of the models that you will be able to find is the 1991 Beryl Green SPG. This model was limited to a run of only 109 worldwide. It is something most collectors have not even seen in person.
Try to find convertibles as these are becoming rarer to find. The soft top models were not made in high numbers and problems which occur naturally in soft tops make the material fall apart. If you are able to find models which have no damage to the material, it will be able to provide you with the ability to have a car which will allow you to start a good collection. Also look for Saab 900 models which have not replaced a lot of the original parts with after market parts.



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